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According to elearning industry, by 2019, video will be in charge of 80% of the web activity on the planet. With so much of the web consisting of video, it is important to take advantage of the learning opportunities video has to offer. 


Session 1 | How to use web based video for daily learning and problem solving

Most likely you've used Google or another search engine to solve a problem. Have you ever considered going directly to a video source? There are a wealth of video tutorials out there to help. 


Session 2 | How to use youtube for professional growth and development 

YouTube as a whole can be overwhelming. Finding specific content producers and channels can make a key difference in adding to your journey as a learner. 


Session 3 | How to use Vimeo for Learning and development

Vimeo provides similar content as YouTube. The big difference in the experience you'll have as a user lies in advertising. Finding content providers and channels on Vimeo often comes with minimal advertising that is only included in the video itself.