Stay on the leading edge with TwitterWHAT THE HECK IS TWITTER AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR CAREER GROWTH_ (2).png

Whether you've used Twitter or not, the purpose of this micro course is to allow you to get on the leading edge with Twitter. We'll dive into the details surrounding the use of Twitter to assist with your professional and personal growth. 


Session 1 | What in the heck is Twitter? 

Twitter is a micro blog. Blog is short for web log, and Twitter provides a micro version of a web log with only 280 characters allowed per tweet. Dive into this session to learn more. 


Session 2 | Create your Twitter Account to Get a 'handle' on things.

During this session we'll cover the early stages of getting started on Twitter with your own custom handle. You can follow us using our Twitter handle @organiclearn.


Session 3 | 'Follow' who?

With careful discernment, the accounts and topics you choose to follow on Twitter will allow a customizable learning experience. 

Session 4 | #whattheheck is a #hashtag? #Clueless

Learn to use #hashtags to follow specific topics, conversations, and events. Look for popular #hashtags already in existence or create your own. 


Session 5 | to 'tweet' or 'retweet', that's the question! #whatsaretweet

When you see a quote, an idea, an article, or something worthy of sharing, you may choose to retweet (RT). This session will cover the basics on how retweeting can help in growing your network and voice on Twitter.  


Session 6 | A 'list' for this and a 'list' for that. 

Keep tabs on the people, businesses, and topics you choose to follow on Twitter by organizing them into lists. 

Session 7 | Tweet chat?

Find new subject matter experts to connect with through participating in Tweet chats or Twitter chats that correlate to your topics of interest.