Building Your Personal Digital Learning Network

All of us alive today are benefiting from the learners of the past. All of the knowledge known to mankind today is built on the knowledge of generations before us. It is this desire to live, survive, and thrive that has given way to this intelligent society abounding with an ever increasing thirst for knowledge and wisdom. In this course we’ll begin designing a network of learning that will tap into that knowledge to help improve where you are today while preparing you for what’s coming tomorrow.

In this course you will learn the basic fundamental knowledge and definition of what a Personal Digital Learning Network is and how this simple method, once put in place, can increase access and awareness of new ideas, innovation, creativity, knowledge of new skills, while increasing your personal rate of Learning as well as assisting organizations to stay ahead of the competition

Learning Objectives

1.       Participants will be able to define a PERSONAL DIGITAL LEARNING NETWORK (or PERSONAL DIGITAL LEARNING NETWORK what sounds better)

2.       Participants will be able to implement their own PERSONAL DIGITAL LEARNING NETWORK (Best Practices)

3.       Participants will be able to develop their PERSONAL DIGITAL LEARNING NETWORK (next steps)


Session 1 | What Is A Personal Digital Learning Network?

In this session we will define the Personal Digital Learning Network while comparing it to the traditional network of learning that we all have access too. (5:10)


Session 2 | How To Use Your Personal Digital Learning Network

Now that you know how to define a Personal Digital Learning Network, lets take a few minutes to see how integrating it throughout your day, much like we do with time pieces to keep track of time, can help you accelerate your learning.


Session 3 | Building Your Personal Digital Learning Network

Time to begin building, but before we do that lets take a few minutes for some self reflection, do a little planing, and identify some topics of interest that you should begin following to accelerate your learning to prepare you for the current and future workplace.