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Evolve: The Art of Career Transformation, Session 2 Crying in the Bathroom

Hallie Crawford

Hallie's career story sounds so familiar. Go to University, land that amazing job only to find out it's not that amazing. Next thing you know you're hopping from job to job looking for that perfect something that you never seem to find. Friends and family begin to worry about you and if you will ever 'settle down.' After a 'crying in the bathroom' moment, Hallie decided to do something about it. After nearly 20 years as a career coach and helping others write their career story, it's time for her to share her story with us. Join us for this Evolve session to find out how Hallie went from crying in the bathroom to a career that is successful and fulfilling in every aspect. 

Join us on Monday, February 11, at 1 pm EST to hear Hallie's session from the Evolve series.