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Micro Webinar-The New Workplace Skill: Personal Digital Dexterity

Have you noticed how the workplace is changing around us and how quickly the change seems to be happening? There always seems to be a new update to the software and technology that we use to do our work, which slows us down, ultimately taking time away from being with friends, family and doing the things we love. Just as we get used to something, it changes again. The cycle continues. Welcome to our new world of continuous change. Join us for this webinar to learn about the latest workplace skill, personal digital dexterity.

In this micro webinar you'll learn:
Why personal digital dexterity is so crucial in the workplace
How to develop and apply the skill of digital dexterity to your day to day activities, helping you become more productive and efficient so you can spend more time with the ones you love and doing the things that bring meaning to your life.