The Connected Employee

Curriculum Overview.

Click on any of the courses below to begin. We recommend starting with courses 1 & 2 first. Remember to interact with each lesson by sharing your thoughts, questions, and ideas in the video players. This is meant to be a highly interactive experience.


Course 1 | Daily, Life-Long Learning...Why?

We live in an age of constant acceleration. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with all of the change. In this three part course, we'll take a look at why life-long learning has become an essential skill for all.


Course 2 | The Personal Digital Learning Network

Let's walk through what a Personal Digital Learning Network is, learn some tips for integrating one throughout your day, and begin designing your own network.

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Course 3 |Twitter

Stay on the leading edge of your career with Twitter.


Course 4 | Facebook

Using Facebook to take your career to new heights.


Course 5 | Pinterest

Pin your way through personal development with Pinterest.


Course 6 | LinkedIn

Learn, Live, & Like with LinkedIn


Course 7 | Youtube, Vimeo, & Others

Using video apps to watch and learn


Course 8 | Instagram

Instantly learn more with Instagram